4 Steps


Every home buying process basically takes you through these four steps from accessing your financial situation to moving into your own house. And we promise to support you through each steps to secure the better house.

1. Access Borrowing Power 

This is the most important part of your application; how much will you be able to borrow to get into your first home. We have partnered with a specialist First Home Construction finance broker, the best we know, to give you a no-fuss assessment on your borrowing capacity. Having expert advice in this area makes a real difference. 

We will do this in the first meeting.

2. Find a Property

We search large and small land developments in the area you want to live in, to find the best possible block for you.. We then act as your advocate to negotiate with builders and land developers to get the best deal and go through all your options with you.


With your finance pending or approved, we will arrange the legal paperwork for your home purchase.

We cover the cost of your legal fees, and you have access to a top lawyer who will advise on the land contract and see the purchase of your new home through to settlement.

4. Settlement

Whether you buy an existing or an off-the plan home which will be built for you, we will be available to help you every step of the way.

We will keep you updated weekly with the progress of building your home. Where possible, we will also try and get you onto your site at least 3 times throughout course of construction to show you the progress.

We retain an independent building inspector to monitor the quality and progress of construction and keep the builder to our high standards.

Still Have Questions?

We'll assist you. Discuss your situation with our finance experts


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