The Queensland Government may contribute $15,000 to a first home buyer that can be used towards buying your new home or apartment. Some Developers may also provide an additional $15,000 Bonus. This can be used as part of your deposit. The balance is provided via a bank loan and your savings.

Depending upon the price of the home or apartment you wish to buy, you can start with as little as $5,000. You will also get savings on Stamp Duty and other transaction costs. Certain homes or apartments have little or no stamp duty, making buying even easier.

See the example below of some typical homes.

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So in some cases all you need is $5,000 in savings as an initial deposit and you can use this with the above grants and bonuses to secure your first Home.

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# on selected Home/Apartments in Brisbane.



Financial Questions?

As an in-depth process is undertaken, these are some of the questions raised in your first interview:

Finance Questions
What is your income, combined and other tax incentives?
One way to boost your income is to ensure you claim all your available tax deductions, to create higher income post tax, as Quantum is able to provide tax advice, we will take you through all available benefits you should be obtaining.
Higher income and higher borrowing capacity
Credit cards
What is the actual balance and the total credit limit? Banks now assess your borrowing capacity on available credit, even if it is undrawn, so by reducing your credit limit before you make a loan application, you may be able to obtain a higher level of borrowing.
Borrow a greater amount by reducing total debts
Bundle Expensive Loans
Okay, so you have taken out loans that have higher interest rates or repayment amounts that will impact your borrowing capacity. Quantum can access refinance on your personal loans to make them more affordable and provide a greater borrowing capacity.
Will reduce monthly spend, and overall interest and provide greater borrowing capacity.
So its difficult, but with some help we are able to create a tailored budget for you. We do the work and make sure it provides a goal to help you save.
This will have a twin effect, of reducing liabilities and boosting savings, before your loan application.

Still Have Questions?

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